**12/06 Good Idea!'s that for a timely response….man I suck….

11/04 - Fish - I know we've both been busy in real life…but I'd like to go ahead and get a move on this idea as soon as possible. Maybe even setup a closed beta like we talked about, with maybe you, idle, myself and maybe 1 other person. We don't need everything to be finalized for that. Just having a basic points structure and path to follow should be enough I think. Let me know what you think man…

What cars are available from onset ?

Different regions have different perks ? i.e. do you get bonus points at Nissan Speedway if you're in US region.

Pick a "home base". Does it cost you to fly to a track ? Maybe this in lieu of bonus track points.
If we do this, do a google map or something of 'starting position' (region), and a map with pinpoints of all of the tracks, with distances, or time zone differences. Points would likely be based on how many time zones you have to cross to get to it (-1$S per time zone)

Special track days - if you beat a xx:xx.xx at this track in tonights room you get x points.

10/29 - Need to put in place a PI limiter for each week to control progress.

how about giving points to others for services or items in game? Trading points for services allows you to get items for specific challenges/cars.

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