Hey guys this is Qmole aka TheJohnNewton on the old Muscle Inc. site. Sorry for the poor page I'm just putting this up quick to get started. I've been a member of the Muscle Inc. site for about a year now but just recently came over to the Exodus site when the M Inc. site looked like it was going to go down. Before joining here I ran with ABS and have 90% of my times with ABS but since coming over here in early September have gone totally un-assisted. Thanks to Bart's challenge I have all U class time un-assited now.

So about me:
I'm 43, single, according to the law, but not really as I live with my girlfriend of four years. We live in Martinez California which is a 30-40 min drive to the north east (mostly east) of San Francisco. I've worked in IT for 19 years (man I'm old!!) after graduating from the University of Arizona, Go Cats!

This is an excellent photo of me because it's mainly the scenery ;-)


And this is my girlfriend Thuy (sounds like Twee)


Bonus points if you can name the location of these photos.

This photo should help those who happen to know the location:

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