Practice Sessions

Practice sessions will be held for certain race events. There will be 2 sessions, split up into two different dates/times. Each session will only be a single 8 person room, hosted by one of the SimForza Stewards. You may attend either Session #1 OR Session #2, but not both.

The amount of laps of these sessions will be based upon which track(s) will be run, but will generally be between 5-10 laps. These sessions will be run with Collisions set to OFF. Points will be awarded for your best lap time in the session.

Points for both rooms will be equal. It will be up to you to determine which session will work better for you. The rooms will be set up, and invites will be sent. Missing Session #1 DOES NOT guarantee you a spot in Session #2. Participants will be based on a first come, first serve basis.

Points are based on your Best Lap Time in the Session:

1st Fastest Lap: 8$
2nd Fastest Lap: 7$
3rd Fastest Lap: 6$
4th Fastest Lap: 5$
5rh Fastest Lap: 4$
6th Fastest Lap: 3$
7th Fastest Lap: 2$
8th Fastest Lap: 1$

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