You will take on the role of a new rookie driver starting their career and hoping to achieve the pinnacle of racing.

Starting region - Classes?

North America
Local Autocross Star
American Dirt Track racer
Regional Drag Racing Champion

European Karting Champion
European Rally Star
Regional BTCC racer

Asian Drifting Champion
Movie Stunt Driver
Test Driver for Honda Formula 1 team

You will come from humble beginnings in a D class car and work your way through a series of races, challenges and other events earning SimBucks (S$) along the way that you can use to further your career. Eventually becoming one of the top dogs of racing.

SimBucks (S$) are the heart of the system. You earn them for almost everything you do in SimForza. You will need these S$ in order to further your career. Upgrades, stickers paint jobs..all require the use of S$. Being at the top is not about being the fastest. Being a top tuner or painter earns just as much respect as someone who is top in race finishes.

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