Hint dropping 101:
Entry date 05/26/2007

"Thursday nights are the worst part of the race weekend. It's 11pm and I still can't find all the crap I need for this weekend. I had the worst week at work and now all the excitement I had for the upcoming race has dissipated with the realization of what I have ahead of me. This new series is brand new…experimental. It's supposed to help level the playing field for us non-factory guys. At the end of last year I found myself well in the red. We just couldn't pull in enough money to make our car compete. The top 10 guys have money coming in from sponsors weekly. I'm happy for them but I know half their talent is coming from the car. If passion counted for anything my team would have been #1. I work full time, making up time off by working 15 hours a day. Racing is all I've ever known, I just haven't had some of the lucky breaks one needs to get noticed. It's usually the nights I'm packing up for the next race that I question why I do this. The long road trips, the amount of money blown on the weekend and racing fees..Never mind the times that my car gets destroyed by some overzealous rookie. I have to keep reminding myself of those few moments on the final warm up laps. That feeling you get as the green drops and all of your adrenaline goes rushing into your body. It's a high. The first turn , the hyper vigilance of every little noise and movement in your field of vision. The crackling of your radio as your spotter calls out your position into turn 1. You're processing more information in that first 30 seconds then you do the entire week before. You tense up getting your foot on the brake, hoping that everyone else is on it as much as you are. That rush of completing turn1 and accelerating to the next turn..That is what I live for. That is what makes it all worth it…."

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