You can call me Mirth, or Cyzm, or 'nator, or Lafe. I don't care and if I am very talkative you might even get a reply back.

A bit about me:

Whirling Dervish

A pact with a grinning devil,
Devilish grin may care.
Care? Mind swirling hypnotically with delicious delusions.

Delusions are all that I know.
Knowing them to hold.
Holding on tight for they are life.

Life? Obsessions hidden craftily in visible disguise.
Disguised footprints lead away.
A way to live quietly in sane.

Insane pact stretches achingly for freedom.
Freedom, Land of the…
“The man who wants nothing is invincible.”



What lofty citadel
Do spent souls dare not climb?
The tower of hell
Guarded by misty ghosts of time.

A great army dashed upon its crags
The mighty ocean splits
It’s hopes ripped to rags
In the midst of it a child sits.

In the cracks of dreams
Grows an olive tree
Roots slipping into the seams
Searching for a way to be free.

On a silvery mirror a tear splatters
A brave heart is heard calling
The mirror shimmers, then shatters
The tower is falling.

The breeze sways an olive tree
In a place where dreams come true
And the heart of a child is free
There the mirror will be made anew.


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