Name: Brennan
Age: 33
Location: Reno, NV
Likes: Puppies, rainy days, unicorns, things that are blue
Dislikes: Mean people, pimento loaf, and my job

Gaming history:
I've been playing racing games since the original Test Drive on PC. Notably titles were SportsCar GT, Stunts, SODA Offroad Racing, Superbike 2K, all the GT series on PS1 & PS2 as well as Tourist Trophy. For the past year most of my game time has been taken up by Forza 2 which, for all its flaws, is my current favorite. I also have spent quite a bit of time with RTS games on the PC but who wants to hear about that? EXOR is for racing YO!! not sissy mouse clicking.

A little bit about me:(I'm warning you now it is going to be a little disjointed)

I was born and raised in Fairbanks, AK and I moved to Reno with my family when my dad retired in 1990. I come from a long line of educators. My grandfather was a teacher in a village in AK (kind of like a missionary type thing) who worked his way up to becoming the Commissioner of Education for AK. My grandmother was also a teach and my father spent most of his career as a principal, so I guess you could say it runs in the family.

I however am not, nor do I intend to become, a teacher.

I've been cycling since the age of 15 (mostly Mt. Biking) and about half of those years (in my early to mid twenties) were spent racing in a semi-serious fashion. I found out that racing is hard, you have to like pedal and stuff really hard and there are frequent crashes involved. I did have some success, winning the overall in the Kooka Kup in 1998 (a local Mt. Biking series) and my teams won the 24hrs of Donner Mt Bike races in 1998 and 1999. I retired from racing in 2000 as it was just becoming more expensive and I was tired of spending a weekend hurting myself for less and less reward. I was basically at the point where I would have had to take my training/riding to another level and when I looked around at the guys who were going elite/pro it just didn't look like fun.

I sometimes miss racing, but quitting before it became a job was probably the best thing I ever did. Ironically, I actually got quite a bit faster once I stopped racing, since I was having fun again.

Most of the time I was racing I also worked in the cycling industry. First at a wholesale distributor (Sinclair Imports) doing warehousing, customer service, and warranty work. For the last eight years I've been working in local shops as a mechanic/sales/assistant manager type positions. It ceased being fun about five years ago.

It is all well and good to do what you love but at some point when you wake up and figure out that what you've been doing for almost ten years will never pay off it kind of bums you out a little bit.

I am currently trying to change careers (as in for the last few years).

I'll work on adding some more latter and doing a little cleanup but I'll leave you with a couple of pics.

My first big project car a 1965 Beetle

My sweet new project a 1969 Dodge A100 Sportsman Van

And my girlfriend with her obligitory website: Kungu Sophie. Is it just me or is everybody in Exodus a musician?

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