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My name is Chris, and I'm 29 as of this writing, married (wife is 21, w00t) with a 3 month old daughter. I've been in the Navy for 11 years, where I work on submarines.

When I'm out at sea, I supervise the maintenance, operation and repair of machinery in the Engine Room. Which basically means that I walk around and drink coffee. But right now, I'm on shore-duty, and so I work as a Quality Assurance Supervisor in the QA Training office. Which basically means that I sit in front of a computer reading the Exodus website all day while drinking coffee. But I do a bunch of administrative work, writing/grading/evaluating exams sometimes even lecturing roomfuls of people on the proper way to document rework or how to be sure they're using the right forms.

Exodus Racing / Forza involvement:
I picked up Forza 2 as my first Xbox 360 game. Must have been around 7/13/2007, 'cause that's my oldest achievement listed.
September 25, Halo 3 came out, which is the reason I bought a 360, so I went away and played that a bunch.
Popped the F2 disc back in the tray at the end of May, I say, and that's the way it's been to this day (sorry).
I found the Exodus website from a link in someone's signature at FM.net, and joined in June 2008.
I've been steering the Exodus Customs boat for a little while, and have been trying to get people to set times on all the tracks in each class via the Hotlap Super Challenge.
I'm slow. Don't know if I'll ever raise above Amateur(19). I have hope.
I love to tune and paint cars. Frustration with tuning led me to read Carroll Smith's book, Tune to Win, which is an outstanding resource and fun to read.

Other than Forza, I'm interested in way too many things, but the bigger ones are music (write, play, listen), snow-skiing, billiards, foosball… collecting vinyl records.

Anyhoo… I guess that's enough for now. Oh, I live in Washington state. Originally from Ventura, CA (well, Newhall before that, but I was small). Speaking of small, here's my copilot:

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