EXOR StoneRazer

Ryan P. (aka EXOR StoneRazer, born November 21, 1983 in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada)


is ExodusRacing's first and so-far only Canadian member - a fact he doesn't mind reminding the mostly American ExodusRacing crowd of - despite Canada having the reputation as being the USA's annoying little brother.

Ryan was born on a cold November morning after being rushed to the hospital in a blizzard while chillaxing in his mother's tummy, unaware of the hell that was about to be unceremoniously blessed on him. Ryan was born with extremely wrinkly skin, little hair, and a face only a mother could love.

Growing up in small-town Eastern Ontario, Canada (there he goes again) wasn't that difficult with two older brothers taking care of the chores while Ryan settled into an anti-social life. Ryan discovered sports at a young age, and shortly after discovered he wasn't very good at them. Upon reaching high school he joined a crowd of nerds and spent evenings playing Nintendo 64, Magic: The Gathering and the occasional Dungeons & Dragons game. Three years of post-secondary education at St. Lawrence College in Cornwall followed and he graduated with a degree in Business Technology - Information & Communications Systems. After realizing the high-tech environment wasn't for him, he made his first major venture outside Cornwall, moving two hours down the shores of the St. Lawrence River to Kingston, Ontario, Canada and entering the Advertising - Integrated Marketing Communications program at St. Lawrence College, Kingston campus.

Kingston was a life changing experience for the introverted Ryan. He got to experience a social life, alcoholic beverages (and their nasty after effects) and a program designed to make introverts into extroverts. After spending 22 years in Cornwall, he considers Kingston home after only spending three years there. In June of 2008 Ryan graduated college for the second time with the top GPA in his class.

Life after college hasn't been the greatest. He moved back to Cornwall to live in Mommy's basement and look for work, which so far has turned up nothing. He's currently wasting his life as an unemployed bum with few friends and spends his time playing Xbox 360 all day and searching for work.

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