EXOR Fishstick

Forum Junkie by day…Slow racer by night.

This is what my dog thinks of my racing…


I'm 36 ..network manager for a university, Trying to become a police officer but that requires muscles and stuff so last few months I have been working out a lot. Play baseball with a bunch of old guys, love it. Pretty much into all kinds of games.. I'm a bit opinionated when it comes to racing games..but really I do it for the fun. I'm a decent fan of motorsports but not so much a car guy. Weird I know. Used to play music and travel a bit doing it but lost its fun a few years ago. I sort of think of playing again but nothing serious.

I have some sweet COD4 pj's


Did I mention I was 36?

Other stuff I do:

Timing Judge at woodsman competitions in the fall and spring. I might be on ESPNU this fall. They recorded our event this past spring.
Here are some photos from the event we hosted.
UNH Spring Meet

Work a sawmill occasionally with a friend.
Help build rough cut timber barns/sheds (have one scheduled to be built this fall)
Just Learned how to shoot a handgun..still scared of them though.

I like long walks on the beach and cuddling up with a pillow and watching re-runs of the golden girls…

KIDDING..I stole that from Dreamers page.

Since people are putting up pics of their rides..I'll post mine.

No transmission. Gear ratio is 39t/16t

Stiff suspension-racing slicks tioga's on both ends.

HP- Depends on what I had for breakfast/lunch/dinner

Top speed 15 mph
0-15mph in 3.6 sec (depending on traffic of course)

MPG - Depends on fuel intake (see HP)

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