EXOR dVitterMan

Name: Craig
Age: 35
Location: Virginia, just south of DC

Hi, I'm Craig and I'm a Forza junky… when I am not playing Forza I am 35, married, and the father of one very precocious 4 year old daughter. By day I am a software developer/business consultant who is fortunate enough to work out of the home office most of the day (sure beats driving to work around here).

Someday when I grow up I want to get a real race car, but until that happens I will have to content myself with being able to play Forza…

The photo below features my wife, daughter, grandmother, and myself. This is an old image shot back in February 2005. My daughter is now four and my grandmother is 98. I have more gray hair..


This is what my daughter looked like just three months ago:


I will skip showing you what I look like right now… which is the same but older.

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