Tuning Challenge

Participants will be gifted a car that has been radically detuned. Rooms will be made and participants will have X number of X lap runs to hit a target hot lap time.

Points will be awarded based on :

Hitting Target time

  1. of tuning sessions it takes to reach target time

Sponsored Hot Lap challenges

Manufacturers host a track day where the goal is to get your car to reach a targeted lap time. Extra points will be rewarded for each X amount of time under the targeted time.

Other rewards will include Sponsor stickers which will be needed or give bonus in future manufacturer events.

**we have to be careful of some manufacturer stickers not available to some car models…(custom stickers?)

*FISH - remember how I said that some people would just hit X to return the car to default settings ? Well, what if we say gave them a car with multiple things wrong with it, but told them they weren't allowed to touch certain things. Like, they had to use OUR spring settings…not sure if you can get that from telemetry or not. Or use OUR Alignment, which you can most likely pull from replay telem. Just a thought here*

*I thought of that..the whole resetting to default.. One thing would be honor system….Don't reset to default OR look up default settings. I like your idea of not touching some settings..just make them run in a bad set up…*

Race Challenges

Sodev's relay challenge is a great idea also.

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