American Dirt Track Racer

The very lifeblood of America Stock Car racing runs through your veins. Born and raised in the mid-west stock car racing was part of your everyday life. From an early age you would spend your weekends traveling out to various short tracks and watch your dad take on the local heroes for a bit of his own glory. You were building and driving your own go-karts around the farm almost from the moment you could reach the gas pedal. As soon as you turned 16 you were racing the local dirt tracks in modified stock classes. After a few years you started racing outlaws and soon worked your way to the top of your field. Now is the time to tame the paved circuits. You have started to appear on the radar of the big guys but you know your lack of experience on paved surfaces is going to hurt you. This is your chance to work your way up and make a name for yourself.

Bonuses for running American Muscle and Oval tracks. etc etc

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